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A Note from Kimberly

I have always had a longing to help others discover their passion and find direction and a clear path for success in their lives.  In 2008 I left a financially rewarding yet unfulfilling corporate job and embarked on a journey to uncover my own life’s purpose and to find fulfillment and authentic happiness.  Through my studies and experiences in this regard, I have found that by breaking through one’s limiting beliefs and finding the truth within, our desires are well within our reach.  Whether you would like to discover your life’s purpose, to attract the career of your dreams, or to find fulfillment in your current job, I’m here to assist you on your journey.

A few things about me . . .

  • I am a certified Master Life Coach specializing in career coaching as well as a job skills & computer instructor, public speaker, and seminar panelist

  • I currently serve as a Senior Career Management Consultant at Right Management

  • I hold an MBA from Cal Lutheran University and studied English Literature at UCLA.

  • I live in Southern California with my sweet and supportive husband, our two amazing daughters

  • I enjoy reading, writing, exercising, cooking, improvisation, acting, singing, sketching, and clowning-around with my girls

  • I have an intense love of learning and am frequently found with my head in a book

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