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Frequently Asked Questions

How is life coaching different from counseling?

Life Coaches work under the assumption that their client has all the answers and solutions to their own concerns within them.  The coach and client work together to create results and bring-about positive change thereby co-creating the life the client seeks.  Life coaching is about moving forward and producing solutions. Counselors and therapists on the other hand tend to focus on resolving a specific issue as it has to do with work, relationships, etc., diagnosing a specific mental illness, and/or repairing issues from their patient's past

Who can benefit from working with a life coach?

Everyone who is serious about making positive changes in their life and moving forward can benefit from the process!

How can coaching benefit me?

Life coaching can help you clarify and achieve your goals related to your career, relationships, health, prosperity and/or any area of your life where you feel stuck or aimless.  Working with a coach can help you change any limiting beliefs and put your focus on ones that will help you to realize your desires.   A life coach can show you that the answers are within you and will give you the tools you need to access the truth within you to better your life.

My specialty is providing this coaching to those of us who feel a "higher calling" and/or who desire a more fulfilling life.  The coaching tools are designed to strengthen your ability to hone-in on what it is you truly desire, to increase your belief in yourself, and to help you create the fulfilling career and future that you desire.

If you want a more balanced and fulfilling existence and want to feel like you are living your life to its fullest, then life coaching is for you!

What happens during a typical coaching session?

The relationship between client and coach is an important one based on the shared goal of assisting you in achieving happiness and fulfillment in your life. I will ask you probing and insightful questions to increase your understanding of yourself and your desires. I will be listening intently to hear what you say as well as paying attention to what you don’t say. We will spend our time discussing what behaviors, actions, or thought patterns you may want to change, what makes those changes important to you, and help you set goals to get to where you want to be.

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